How To Fix Blocked Air conditioning drain pipes

How To Fix Blocked Air conditioning drain pipes

All air-con units have drain pipes to remove any condensation from the system. If the drain pipe is blocked, it can cause the system to break down. So what happened if drainage pipes of the air conditioning unit get blocked? Do not be disturbed. In this article I will share with you three tips to fix blocked air conditioner ns drainage pipes.
When drainage pipes are blocked, your aircon unit leak water either down the wall or from the ceiling. If the pipes remain blocked for several months, the unit may break down once. There is some maintenance that you can do on your own to ensure that the pipes are ready and here they are:

1. Use soapy water to check drainage pipes. First, turn off the power on your aircon unit. Then remove the drain tray under the air conditioner. Tilt the soapy water in the tray and the water should rush to one end where it flows down a pipe. The water will drain out of the pipes and out of your home. You want to get someone to stay outside your place and watch the flow of water. Check if water flows out smoothly. If not, it is a good sign that the drain pipe is blocked.

2. Next, look for obstructions in the pipe. Things like sticks and insects can prevent the pipe and cause blockages. It is common for insects to move up the effluent from the outside and can make nests within. So hiring a long flexible strap to remove nests and webs to remove all obstacles.

3. Check for mold. Mold can easily grow in the discharge pipe and cause blockage. To remove mildew, use water with bleach and pour it down the drain.

These three simple tips will help you to repair blocked air conditioner ns drainage pipes. Work on the air conditioner is essential. Regular maintenance stops the system from breaking down, and also helps you to save your electricity bill.

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